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Drain Cleaning San Diego, CA

The Independent Plumbing team of repair work and drain cleaning San Diego experts offers a full range of services to solve the most requiring residential and commercial needs. We have the experience, knowledge, and devices to fix all of your drain issues.

With more than 10 years of experience, our drain and sewer specialists use the appropriate plumbing snakes, augers, and drain cleaning makers to conquer the most difficult clogs.

If you’re experiencing issues like repeating drain clogs or roots within your line, we have the correct and permanent option to leave property owners domestic and business drains clear and devoid of obstruction. Independent Plumbing and drain team can even fix broken sewer drain lines without digging.

Our professionals are trained thoroughly in operating various makers with unique attention to offering the quickest and most effective solution to your issue.

Common Sewer and Drain Clogs

Kitchen Sink Drains

Kitchen sink drains often ended up being blocked due to grease and sludge accumulation and overuse from garbage disposers. Independent Plumbing suggests that homeowners avoid putting any oils, fats, or grease down the drain. Property owners should scrape plates and wipe down pots and pans prior to rinsing them in the sink to make sure even residual grease is stayed out of the sink as much as possible.

Grease will develop gradually, hardening and producing an obstruction of the pipe. Often times, when the kitchen sink backs up, it is because of food products put into the drain. The food items themselves are not constantly the cause, rather they get stuck in the line with heavy buildup.

Avoid utilizing the garbage disposer, even if the disposer states it is okay. Food products in the drain may go through, but they ultimately wind up in the drain lines and can cause significant issues down the line.

Kitchen lines with heavy grease buildup can often be cleared with a plumbing snake, nevertheless if the grease is heavy the sink will likely continue to block. The very best, and permanent technique to clear the line is by using a kitchen sink drain hydro jetter to degrease the line. When the line is cleared, keep oils out of the line and use the disposer minimally to prevent a returning issue.

Lavatory, Shower & Tub Drains

Restroom drains can become blocked for many reasons. Lavatory sinks get heavy accumulation from soap scum and products, showers and tubs tend to clog due to excess hair. These are avoidable clogs with a few easy actions from homeowners.

Avoid utilizing too much soap products in the restroom sink and constantly let the water run for a couple of seconds after usage.

For shower and tub drains, property owners can ensure to utilize a strainer in the drain. Most drains have a basket strainer, however the holes are big enough to allow hair to collect and decrease the drain. It typically gets stuck causing backups. Local house stores sell mesh strainers developed to gather the hair and save a drain snaking.

Toilets & Main Sewer Drains

Toilet clogs can take place by themselves or in tandem with primary sewer line clogs. For basic toilet clogs, frequently a toilet auger will look after the concern, something that homeowners can even manage themselves. However, if the toilet is blocked along with tub drains or homeowners see a leakage at the toilet base, it suggests a bigger main sewer drain clog.

Main sewer line clogs can happen due to a variety of causes such as roots, broken lines due to age, and putting paper towels, womanly products or other non-flushable products in the line. The only product that should be put down the line is bathroom tissue, and this should be restricted.

Area Drains

Area drains are common in San Diego to assist divert storm and water from overruning and flooding lawns and homes. Area drains can end up being stopped up easily during dry weather condition as they do not get much usage. Debris, dirt, leaves, and rocks can obstruct area drain lines, however homeowners may not discover the obstruction until it’s too late. The best upkeep for area drains is an annual snaking prior to the rainy season and a camera assessment to see the condition of the line.

Drain Clog Solutions

Independent Plumbing offers options to avoid blocked drain lines. Numerous clients can discover online Do It Yourself remedies like baking soda to clear kitchen drain clogs or grab chemical drain cleaners; however, it is advised that house owners do their research study before utilizing these methods. The best way to prevent a drain clog is by preventing putting items in the line that do not belong.

Video camera evaluations are often used to view the condition of the line and assist our plumbings identify the best approach for repair work. Cam evaluations can be utilized on toilets, primary sewer drain lines and in some cases kitchen sink drains.

Hydro Jetting services can clear heavy root invasion in primary sewer lines, in addition to grease buildup in kitchen sink drains. Hydro Jetting uses high powered water to clear the line opening the pipeline for regular circulation. Hydro Jetting is a great solution for small obstructions and lines that remain in stable condition.

Epoxy lining is a tested efficient method for repair work of broken drain lines, sewer lines heavily got into with roots, lines with fractures or holes, low spots, and frustrating lines. Bill Howe utilizes the most recent epoxy lining innovation to help house owners save cash and avoid digging up the primary sewer line for repair.

Often a drain line replacement can not be prevented. If a property owner is experiencing lines that are broken beyond easy repair work, a video camera evaluation will be performed to view the line and provide an estimate for replacement. Typically, replacements are because of aging facilities in older houses.

Whether homeowners have a minor clog in their bathroom sink or experience constant backups in their main sewer lines, Independent Plumbing has experience in all drain issues.

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What Clients Say

I’ve had quite a bit of experience with Independent Plumbing and Drain recently. Everything from rescuing my family from a dead garbage disposal on Christmas Eve to saving my friend thousands on what would’ve been an unnecessary repair. I could not give a higher recommendation. If you need a plumber, you could not do better!

Adam H.

We just moved out here from Illinois and were faced with several plumbing issues on our new home. We have a home warranty, but the plumbers they sent us could not resolve the major issue, showed up with the wrong parts and were generally unprofessional. We called Dominic and received amazing service, professionalism and integrity. The major issue was not a simple fix, but Dominic dug in and got it resolved for us quickly and efficiently.

Heidi J.

During an unexpected rain storm, one of the properties I manage in Cardiff had a leak that started to pour into the home due to a clogged rood/deck drain.

While other companies were quoting turn-times of several days, Dominic re-prioritized his day to make it happen on short notice. He fixed the problem, charged a fair price, and demonstrated his competence as it relates to other plumbing services.

Going forward, I will not hesitate to call on Dominic’s services for all our North County plumbing needs.

Seth C.

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