Fast, Affordable and Timely Hydrojetting Services in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, CA and Surrounding Areas

All homeowners in San Diego, CA experience slow or clogged drains and sewers at some point.  It’s no fun to have a clog in your plumbing system. If you have tried using a plunger and it doesn’t solve the problem, you need something stronger. Call the professionals at Independent Plumbing and Drain Inc. for a Hydro Jetting service.  Our hydro jetters use, on average, 3000psi to clear out any clogs, buildups, obstructions, or roots, allowing the water to flow smoothly again. Our services are designed to work around your needs and we guarantee that your drainage problems will be fixed quickly and correctly the first time.  We proudly serve the residents of Oceanside, Carlsbad & Vista, CA and all the communities in San Diego County.  Give us a call at (619) 920- 8858 to schedule your hydro jetting service today.

Our Hydro Jetting Process

First and foremost, during the hydro jetting process, our plumbers will perform a detailed sewer camera inspection to have a crisp, clear view of the inside of your pipes. This allows us to determine if hydro jetting is an ideal solution to your drainage problems. Once the plumber decides it is safe and necessary to proceed, we will insert a hose with a special head into your drain or sewer line through the same hole made for the sewer camera inspection.  The nozzle ejects 3000 PSI of water pressure into your pipes to flush out any debris. The pressurized water is powerful enough to remove tree roots and stubborn clogs, leaving you with a variety of benefits.

What are the Top Benefits of Hydro Jetting?

It’s Extremely Effective

Hydro Jetting is extremely effective since it completely clears your pipes and sewer lines, removing all traces of debris and buildups that occur on the sides of the pipe.  Our hydro jetters use, on average, 3000 PSI. That level of pressure and the amount of water is enough to clear out any obstructions and clogs, including tree roots.

Clears Out Bacteria

Your pipes can harbor many strains of bacteria due to their constant use. This can consequently cause bad odors, health issues, and general unpleasantness. Hydro jetting is a good way to clear out the bacteria along with the other dirt and grime.

Save Money

Although hydro jetting costs a bit more than snaking or rooter techniques, it certainly saves you money in the long run. This is because hydro jetting thoroughly cleans the inside of your pipes, eliminating future problems and service calls. Hydro jetting is also very efficient and takes less time compared to traditional pipe cleaning techniques.

Environmentally Friendly and Economical

Hydro jetting is an economical option when it comes to drain cleaning. The high-pressured jets break up and completely eliminate clogs, rather than just clear a path through the pipe.  It is also an eco-friendly option because it does not involve the use of harsh chemicals.

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If you are interested in hydro jetting for your home in Oceanside, Carlsbad, Vista, CA and all the regions in San Diego County, give the experts at Independent Plumbing and Drain a call at (619) 920- 8858.

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Leslie P.Carlsbad, CA
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Truly exceptional service. We had a water pipe bust under our driveway and they were out to help us the next morning. They detected the leak, dug up the concrete, repaired pipe and had it patched up within 48 hours of the pipe breaking. I will use them again with any plumbing issues. A+ service!!!
Stephen T.Carlsbad, CA
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.. They are a top notch, no frills, affordable, reliable plumbing service! Look no further on yelp or anywhere! Just call Dominic and he'll get you the best deal, done right, anywhere in town!
Drew B.Union Square, Manhattan, NY
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Great job, saved us a lot of time and money. Tony is a real pro. Kept me updated and answered all of my questions.
Alan A.Carlsbad, CA
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Response time was very prompt and arrived within an hour. I had two leaking pipes in the kitchen pantry which were replaced. Also had the supply lines to the downstairs bathroom sink replaced. Great service and value.


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