Slab Leaks

Hear the sound of running water when all water is turned off? Hot spot on the floor? Cracks in walls or flooring? Mildew or excessive moisture under carpets? Any of these could indicate that your slab is cracked.

We’re experts in leak location and diagnosing slab leaks.

We always think outside the box in order to reroute the line in the most efficient manner possible.

Our state of the art tests, techniques and equipment allow us to solve just about any problem.

Up against a slab leak? We’re experienced in this specialized area of plumbing. Call today – 619.920.8858.

A slab leak is the industry and insurance term for a leak in one of the water lines running below the concrete floor of your home.

What Clients Say

Independent Plumbing & Drain has come to the rescue for so many of the people in my group I’ve lost count – all I know is that they get the job done and done right every time. Never hear anything but good about these guys. When you really, really need a plumber, you can call them with confidence.
Richard H.

Why Choose Us

  • Creative analysis
  • Slab leaks are tricky
  • We outsmart them
  • Guaranteed work