Property owners are responsible for the water and sewer service lines that run from their home’s exterior to the municipal service lines in the street.
When they need work, we can help.

Water, Sewer & Gas Lines

It’s hard to function without water or sewer, and we understand the need to get the job done right in the minimum amount of time. Independent Plumbing & Drain is expert in troubleshooting, repair or replacement of these critical parts of your home or business.

Plumbing leaks can happen anywhere. You may have a leak in your system that is not noticeable at ground level. We provide leak detection services to isolate your leak.

We will discuss with you the options for getting the work done, whether it requires trenching or boring, with the least disturbance of landscaping, gardens, flowerbeds, trees, sidewalks, driveway and fences.

Sewer line problems include broken, cracked, collapsed lines, leaking joints, bellied pipes, corrosion, blockage, root infiltration or simply faulty pipes due to improper materials being used at time of construction.

All gas line repairs are pressure tested at 15 lbs for 15 mins per plumbing code.

Our state of the art tests, techniques and equipment allow us to solve just about any problem.

Have a leak, or think you might? Call today and we’ll get to the bottom of it. Call 619.920.8858.

What Clients Say

We just moved out here from Illinois and were faced with several plumbing issues on our new home. We have a home warranty, but the plumbers they sent us could not resolve the major issue, showed up with the wrong parts and were generally unprofessional. We called Dominic and received amazing service, professionalism and integrity. The major issue was not a simple fix, but Dominic dug in and got it resolved for us quickly and efficiently.
Heidi J.
I’ve had quite a bit of experience with Independent Plumbing and Drain recently. Everything from rescuing my family from a dead garbage disposal on Christmas Eve to saving my friend thousands on what would’ve been an unnecessary repair. I could not give a higher recommendation. If you need a plumber, you could not do better!
Adam H.
During an unexpected rain storm, one of the properties I manage in Cardiff had a leak that started to pour into the home due to a clogged rood/deck drain.

While other companies were quoting turn-times of several days, Dominic re-prioritized his day to make it happen on short notice. He fixed the problem, charged a fair price, and demonstrated his competence as it relates to other plumbing services.

Going forward, I will not hesitate to call on Dominic’s services for all our North County plumbing needs.

Seth C.

Why Choose Us

      • Prompt service
      • In-ground camera technology
      • State of art leak detection
      • Experienced problem solving
      • Guaranteed work